Therapist aid worksheets

Therapist Aid. Worksheets for counselling

Worksheets for counselling& supporting clients. Motivational Interviewing allows the worker to assess the clients motivation to change and strategies to find out what the 'blocks' to change are and how to assist the client to work through them.

Boundaries Info Sheet Preview

Educate your clients about the importance of healthy boundaries with the aid of the Boundaries Info Sheet.

Free tools for mental health workers including therapy worksheets, education handouts, and articles. Topics include CBT, self-esteem, positive psychology, substance abuse, depression, anger, grief and more.

Stress management worksheets & infographic Therapist Aid: Therapy Worksheets, Tools, and Handouts Infographic Description Stress management techniques Stre

Great website with worksheets for therapists

Grief Sentence Completion - worksheet to help children address their thoughts in order to aid them through their grief

Self-Esteem Journal template - changing thought patterns

Small Group Counseling Might be a good way to startOT Mental Health Groups Self-Esteem Journal template - changing thought patterns

DBT Mindfulness Skills Preview

Mindfulness--teaching and training your mind to slow down and focus on the simple things in life.Helps to relieve anxiety, stress.Deep breathing and bringing the mind back to silent chant of 'Om' is quite helpful