Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree....absolute perfection!!!! Wow... ***Reminds me of the ones we had at home when I was growing up...

Christmas Tree Ideas for Christmas 2017

Lovely Vintage style tree with lots of pretty tinsel. This sure takes me back to my childhood Christmas trees. It looks exactly like them!

Ive made several of these. Live them!  Make Your Own Tinsel Tree!

Marilyn makes Mention: Tinsel Tree Tutorial - vintage, made out of coat hangers (smb: I have some rose and maroon tinsel that would make an awesome tree. But, use a tomato cage. Much easier.

The tree is the classic vintage silver tree from the 1960s. There is plenty of space between the branches to hang lots of ornaments. I got a collection of Tiffany boxes for free on Craigslist a couple of years ago, and that is what started the idea for the tree. I tied each box with black ribbon, and the tree stand is actually one huge Tiffany box.

vintage aluminum christmas tree with Tiffany blue accents! This is beautiful, may have to find a place for the one my grandma left me!

Patinum Christmas Tree | Aluminum Tinsel Christmas Tree

Platinum Tree with Iron Stand

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