30 minutes or fewer   These make a great presentation!  Tempeh Triangles with Piccata Sauce, 3.0 out of 4 based on 3 ratings

Tempeh Triangles with Piccata Sauce

Tempeh Triangles with Piccata Sauce Recipe. I thought the piccata sauce was too lemony. The tempeh was good but if I make it again, I'll cut way back on the lemon.

Well’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2011 - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com

Well’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2011

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Shrimp & Vegetables Recipe | Eating Well

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Shrimp & Vegetables

sweet potato & red pepper pasta - Here's a way to use the "power vegetables" sweet potato and red bell pepper in a satisfying vegetarian pasta dish full of fresh herbs and creamy goat cheese. Any fresh herbs you have on hand, like ba.

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Tofu & vegetable piccata (this remind me of a tofu egg foo young) Thanks Michele!

SEITAN PICCATA Serves 6 – Vegan – 30 minutes or fewer Piccata is a classic Italian dish seasoned with lemon juice, capers, and lots of chopped parsley. If you can’t find seitan cutlets, use strips instead and serve over rice for a pretty presentation.

America's Best Vegetarian Restaurant Recipes

Inspiring Vegan Restaurants Image- Seitan Picatta w/ non-dairy creamed spinach and lemon sauce @ Candle New York

Animal cruelty

Numerous elephants used by Ringling Bros. suffer crippling arthritis a leading cause of euthanasia of captive elephants because they dont get the freedom of movement and exercise that they need. Not to mention the mental anguish they suffer.

This is a calf of the dairy industry. This is a veal crate. This little guy is put in here 24-48 hours after birth and will never see his mother again. He'll live in here for a few weeks until he's grown a bit, and then he'll be sent to the slaughterhouse. Calves are kept in these crates so they can't move around, so that their muscles stay "tender" for veal meat. They are fed a formula because humans drink the milk that was meant for them. Don't support the dairy industry. GO VEGAN.

This is the face of the veal industry. Baby cows (products of the dairy industry) might be lucky to be alive for 3 weeks. Please go vegan

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Rescued Bears Take First Steps of New Life

Bear training EDIT BLUR WRONG message this bear is still a tortured slave End Animal Entertainment