Tom Friedman, Untitled, acrylic paint on styrofoam cups, 2002

Tom Friedman, Untitled, acrylic paint on styrofoam cups, 2002


L'art insolite de Tom Friedman

Tom Friedman, "Untitled", A partially used bar of soap inlaid with a spiral of pubic hair. Photo from Satchi Gallery .

"Tom Friedman, Fooling the I and the Eye at Luhring Augustine Bushwick" - artnet News

Tom Friedman Pepto Bismol Pink, 2014 (detail) Paint and Styrofoam 74 x 12 x 10 inches 87 x x cm Slideshow: Tom Friedman at Luhring Augustine Bushwick

Tom Friedman - pencils

Tom Friedman, "Untitled," Pencils: It looks like one continuous "loop" of pencils.

Tom Friedman/toothpicks

News: SPLAT! Art Made from Everyday Household Items

Tom Friedman is a master of taking everyday objects and transforming them into works of art. He has formed works from things like toothpicks.

Tom Friedman - Untitled  Self portrait in sugar cubes

use of sugar cubes of same size, shape, and color to create a figurative sculpture

'Open Black Box' by Tom Friedman (2006).

"Open Black Box" by Tom Friedman i like this because not only is it precarious in that it is balanced on a corner, but the fact that it is in itself incomplete - the viewer can see the gallery walls, the viewer can see the inside of this 'box' but it's re