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This is a great photo of the Italian candy called Torrone. My grandmother always had some around her house at Christmas time - it is irresistible .

Torrone, the classic Italian nougat, is easy to make at home! Learn how to make it with this honey-almond Torrone recipe.

Homemade Torrone

When in Italy, don't limit yourself to pizza. Torrone, candy made with honey & nuts, is a can't miss delicacy.

Homemade Torrone Recipe. I've been making Torrone for years, but this recipe is different from any Torrone recipe I've seen. Maybe I'll try it to see how it works.

A traditional recipe for homemade Italian torrone, great for the holiday treats or gifts.

Food Wishes Video Recipes: Torrone (Italian Nut & Nougat Confection) – A Stirring Valentine’s Day Treat

The theme of this torrone post was originally about making this gorgeous candy for your Valentine, but then I realized what would be even .

Page's Glittering Torrone

Page’s Glittering Torrone

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Torrone Italian Candy ~ Some forms of this dolciume (confectionery) were prepared as early as Roman times, but the first documented mentions of torrone come from the Early Renaissance in Spain. Did this delicacy arrive to the Sicilian coasts from there?

Torrone: Italian Nougat Candy with Almonds Info & Recipe

"At a wedding celebration in Cremona, Italy in a delicious sweet made of nuts, honey and egg whites was featured. It was fashioned in the shape of the famous towe (Italian Dessert Recipes)

Pistachio-Honey Torrone recipe from Martha Stewart. Torrone is a type of Italian nougat.

Pistachio-Honey Torrone

Pistachio-Honey Torrone recipe from Martha Stewart. Edible wafer paper, enough for 2 layers in pan cup cornstarch 3 large egg whites 1 cup honey 3 cups granulated sugar cup confectioners' sugar 2 cups shelled raw pistachios