Tongue twisters are one of the most common forms of alliteration we see in everyday life. Tongue twisters use alliteration and repetition of sounds and syllables to create sentences that are hard to repeat such as, "peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers."

When I was a kid we often ran around saying tongue twister. No my tongue was not twisted and I did not twist anyone else's tongue. A tongue.

November 8-International Tongue Twister Day

Second Sunday in November -International Tongue Twister Day - have fun with friends and strangers saying tongue twisters

It improves pronunciation and fluency

37 Funny Tongue Twisters Guaranteed To Twist Your Tongue Into Tightly Tied Knots!

TV5MONDE- Les virelangues | Primary French Immersion Education |

Les virelangues- daily french tongue twister- if student/camper can say it 5 times in a row by the end of the day without messing up they get a prize

20 Popular Tongue Twisters for Kids to Recite

Tongue twisters are fun for kids to learn and say really quickly. Here are 20 popular tongue twisters for kids to recite.

Tongue twister _ She sells seashells _ easy _ short _ kids _ english _ language _ learning

I’m a new teacher and I need to be more organized with my ideas/plans/drafts. This could be usefull for me and I hope that for you too.

Tuesday Test: Three Toungue Twisters (recorded using iMovie app and Yout...

Tuesday Test: Three Toungue Twisters (recorded using iMovie app and Yout.

25 Top Tongue-Twisters to Develop Clarity of Speech - InfoBarrel

Tongue-twisters are a fun and easy way to develop clarity and authority in your voice for public speaking and acting.



Tongue Twisters

Want to have some fun with your class today? Start with one (or more) of these top 20 tongue twisters! :) Click the image belo