If I were ever to a get a cat- it would be a Toyger! Kittens bred to look like tigers!

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The Toyger was founded by Judy Sugden of EEYAAS Cattery in the USA. The Toyger is the result of a cross between a striped Domestic Short Hair and a Standard Bengal Tabby. This resulted in a striped Cat which after many years of hard work resembles a 'mini Tiger'. It's a designer breed and currently still being developed. Breeder's are striving to give this stunning breed the true look of a mini tiger over the coming years.

Let’s all bow down to Aurora, the Queen of Cats.

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Toygers - Domestic Tiger Cats are a Unique Exotic Breed of Pet

Toygers - Domestic Tiger Cats are a Unique Exotic Breed of Pet

The 'toyger', a new exotic breed of domestic cat, still very close to the tiger but. I waaant.

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Toygers, a new cat breed and domestic pet cat. Toygers look like a miniature tiger and can be held as domestic pet cats. A Toyger is a new feline pet like a miniature tiger.

Kijiko Sims: White Toyger Kitten TS4 edition for male  - Sims 4 Hairs - http://sims4hairs.com/kijiko-sims-white-toyger-kitten-ts4-edition-for-male/

Sims 4 Hairs ~ Kijiko Sims: White Toyger Kitten edition for male

White Toyger Kitten hairstyle for him by Kijiko for Sims 3 - Sims Hairs - http://simshairs.com/white-toyger-kitten-hairstyle-for-him-by-kijiko/

White Toyger Kitten hairstyle for him by Kijiko - Sims 3 Hairs

Toyger are a hybrid cat that looks like a tiger!!!!

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Toyger The toyger is the result of breeding a striped Domestic Shorthair and a Standard Bengal Tabby, which resulted in a striped cat that resembles a small tiger.

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Toygers i really want one of these there is no wild in them apart from their looks so ive been told so im not taking from out their natural habitat like some people do with lions tigers and other animals.

From @toygersociety: “This is Pippa, she’s a 6 month toyger kitten & my little pip squeak at just 5 lbs.! She’s a California girl, loves living by the beach & hates traffic on the 110 fwy. She’s getting spayed today, wish her luck!” #twitterweek #catsofinstagram #cat #neko [Twitter Week! twitter.com/catsofinstagram] [source: http://instagr.am/p/VcCmAcNUiJ/ ]

This tiger looking toyger pet cat type was established by the cross between a common Bengal tabby as well as a striped domestic short hair. It is also extremely tough to locate this special cat breed outside USA. The toyger cat breed is still in advancem

Toyger Kittens...one day soon one will be mine.

Toyger - It's always fun to see breeders 'playing God' to see what sort of animals they can create. The latest new breed is the Toyger, regi.

Briar - Toyger kitten

Briar - Toyger kitten

Some Bengals are generally talkative while others prefer to wait for the right time to communicate. Many Bengal Cats have an affinity for water and will enjoy ...

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Bengal cats are healthy and active.They do not usually suffer from most of genetic disorders present in Feline world.Bengal cats are domestic cats with a wild look. They have good long lifespan.Average lifespan for a Bengal cat is about years.

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