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Gluhwein Recipe - mulled wine served at Christmas markets in Germany and Austria

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Christmas Market in Munich, Germany.would love to go back to Munich over Christmas! / oh now I kinda not sure where shall we be for celebrating Christmas:(( so many choices in EUROPE fml

Appleberry Mulled Wine. Versatile and great for Fall & Winter holidays. I am not a big red wine drinker and this is great!!!

Appleberry mulled wine

cool website-Food in Every Country... Gives you traditional recipes and meal time traditions for different countries throughout the world! How neat!!!

Some recipes you may see around celebrations would be : sauerkraut, mustard and sausages (Oktoberfest) fruitcake (Christmas), bread rolls and hard boiled eggs (Easter), almond horseshoe cookies (St.

Christmas in a Cup: Glühwein (German Mulled Wine)  I think a new tradition starts this year.

Christmas in a Cup: Glühwein (German Mulled Wine) Try this recipe! Make modifications as needed and omit brandy

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Gluhwein, or mulled red wine, is a popular warm beverage at German Christmas markets. The very smell of gluhwein will put you in the holiday spirit.

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German Christmas Cookies Linzer hearts (or Linzer Herzen in German) are the cookie variation from the Linzer Cake. Easy to make German Christmas Cookie.

Bildergebnis für adventszeit

Bildergebnis für adventszeit

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Dutch Mulled Wine Recipe (Bischopswijn)

This recipe for bischopswijn is the Dutch version of gluhwein, a mulled wine that is traditionally consumed on Sinterklaas.

Make Your Own Gluhwein This Winter

I wasn't able to make it to Europe this December like I had hoped. But no big deal; there's plenty to get done at home and in the down time there's Gluhwein!

Three Warm Cups to Ring in Christmas: Gluhwein (German- and Austrian-style mulled wine), Glogg (Scandinavian-style mulled wine), Mulled White Wine with Ginger and Elderflower

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