Mom's Traditional Mexican Tamales Recipe

Red Chile Beef Tamales Recipe - Tired of tacos & enchiladas? I'm trying these to change up my Tex Mex dinners.

"Authentic Green Chicken Tamale recipe with Tomatillos"...A Mexican tamales recipe is a combination of dough and a filling, cooked inside a cornhusk or banana leaf. The filling might feature fish, chicken, meat, or vegetables. Tamales are one of the tastiest traditional Mexican recipes and they have been made for many years.

"Authentic Green Chicken Tamale recipe with Tomatillos".A Mexican tamales recipe is a combination of dough and a filling, cooked inside a cornhusk or banana leaf. The filling might feature fish, chicken, meat, or vegetables.

The traditional Mexican tamale filled with beans and cheese, some with potatoes, mole and cheese, and steamed in your Instant Pot in 30 minutes!

As written, this is not a vegan recipe, but with a little tweaking, it could be. Well worth the effort, I'd say.

This is the recipe I use to make recipe #15286. For an online tamale making tutorial, including pictures, please see posted in the Mexican cooking forum.

Red Chili Sauce (To Be Used With Traditional Tamales)

Traditional Tamales (Pork) from This tamale recipe is about as traditional as you can get, although I use a roast instead of the whole pig head that many Mexican women use. I have also used beef, but they just do not taste quite the same. These take about all day to make and are a lot of work, but they are so worth the time and the effort. Not for the faint-hearted cook for sure. They are a huge hit here in the West. For added flavor, top with either some of the red sauce used to…

Traditional Tamales (Pork)

Traditional Tamales (Pork) Carnivores approve of pork and the sauce is authentic! I used a mix of guajillo and new mexico dry chile pods to get depth in sauce. Used a masa recipe found on a jalepeno & cheese tamale recipe.

The most delicious pork tamales you will ever make! Broken down into steps with photos to make it easier.

Authentic and filling Mexican pork tamales. You will not regret making these! They are easy to make because the process is spread over two days so you won't feel rushed and stressed.

La Lechera Sweet Tamales are a tasty variation on a traditional Mexican dessert. Great for entertaining!

La Lechera Sweet Tamales

Tamale making parties are a part of Latin culture. Enjoy this menu filled with both traditional and new twists on tamales.

Made these tonight and they were so authentic tasting. My hubby said they were the best he ever tasted:)  Traditional Tamales Pork) Recipe - - 15286

Traditional Tamales (Pork)

Traditional Tamales I have never used a "recipe" with actual measurements to make tamales and I don't think I would want to use pre made chili sauce, but aside from that this recipe seems pretty close.

Traditional Mexican Tamales - from Josephina Vega who makes 200-300 every year!  #tamales

Tamales: A Mexican Holiday Tradition

If you live in southern California you know that tamales are a Christmas tradition, and being of Hispanic origin is not a prerequisite. During the holidays, homemade tamales are highly coveted;

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Basic Mexican Master Tamale Dough _ This starts with either fresh masa (the nixtamalized corn dough used to make tamales & tortillas) from a tortilleria or masa harina (nixtamailzed corn flour that's reconstituted with water or stock). Then lard, baking powder, & chicken stock are beaten into it to create a light, tender, & flavorful tamale that can be stuffed with your favorite filling! #Dough #Tamales

Basic Mexican Tamale Dough