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EXCLUSIVE: Troy Polamalu On Hair, Heroes and Being the New Spokesperson for Head & Shoulders

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Troy Polamalu! Showing this picture to my then 3 yo niece is what made her a Steelers fan!

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Troy Polamalu - Pittsburgh Steelers - Retiring after 12 hard playing, balls to the wall seasons in the NFL

Troy Aumua Polamalu, born Troy Aumua, is an American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He was drafted in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft by the Steelers. <3

The Pittsburgh Steelers Report: Today We Launch "The Pittsburgh Steeler Report" for Fans of 6 Time Superbowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers

Way to go Troy!

Someone at the NFL has a heart after all. Troy Polamalu won't be forced to pay a ridiculous fine after being knocked out of a Steelers game in Oc

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Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers football player known for his long hair has turned a problem with dandruff into gold flakes. Head & Shoulders has hired Polamalu