Ahh I'm going to his concert! I am so so proud of this little munchkin. Ahh I love him so much and can't wait to see him!

Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood on Welcome to Blue Neighbourhood, the debut full-length album from the international chart-topping Australian artist, Troye Sivan. "It's all autobiographical," says

But I can't turn away.  I am OBSESSED with this trilogy. Blue Neighbourhood is so great and Troye Sivan is awesome.

you make my heart shake, bend and break, but i can't turn away and it's driving me wild (troye sivan)

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Horribly depressing lyric from Troye Sivan's song "heaven" which concretes my audience's disbelief in God.

{i'm just some dumb kid trying to kid myself that I got my shit together}

Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood

Late last year I got a fantastic gig to handwrite the album title and track listing for Troye Sivan's Debut Album, Blue Neighbourhood.