- Joe Manganiello- the sexy Alcide Herveaux.

True Blood Sex Tips You Can Use Even If You're Not a Vampire

Joe Manganiello because there is no such thing as having too many pictures of him on your pinterest. Well atleast that's how I feel. =b

Joe Manganiello when you wrap True Blood how would you like to become part of my BDB board?

Joe Manganiello. I haven't even seen his season(s) of True Blood yet, but I'm drooling.

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True blood Hottie...He's wearing way to many clothes....MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Find Out True Blood Star Joe Manganiello's "Cheat Day" Meal

Joe Manganiello can take his clothes off anytime! Sexy Alcide on True Blood. Love him shirtless! His abs!

Bill Compton from "True Blood" played by Stephen Moyer  I realized the other night that as much as I love his character, his character is weak.  He is easily influenced (Take the whole season 5 as an example).  This is from season 2 when Jessica goes to her parents house.  This was also the episode where Sookie and him fight and she gets attacked after storming off.

Bill Compton/Stephen Moyer Pic