Tuna Tetrazzini - Tuna and Spaghetti Bake With Mushrooms and Parmesan

Tuna Tetrazzini - Tuna and Spaghetti Casserole

Tuna Tetrazzini - Tuna and Spaghetti Bake With Mushrooms and Parmesan: Tuna Tetrazzini With Spaghetti and Mushrooms

Made this the other day & it was yummy!  Bought a rotisserie chicken for the cooked/shredded chicken & substituted cream of chicken & mushroom soup for the cooking creme since my hubby is anti-cream cheese.  It was very yummy!

Chicken Tetrazzini Florentine recipe A complicated name for an easy way to get a hot, bubbly, cheesy pasta bake with savory chicken and veggies on the table.

23 Diabetes-Friendly Comfort Foods: Tuna Tetrazzini http://www.prevention.com/food/healthy-recipes/23-diabetes-friendly-comfort-foods?s=22&cm_mmc=Recipe-of-the-Day-_-1477754-_-10302013-_-Sweet-potato-casseroles-Get-Todays-Recipe

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Four-Cheese Chicken Alfredo Recipe - Kraft Recipes *this ain't health food, but it's delicious.

Cheesy Alfredo sauce meets tender chicken in this oven-baked crowd pleaser. You& have to try our Four-Cheese Chicken Alfredo recipe to see just how easy it is.

While you're out and about, these chicken thighs and cheesy potatoes will be simmering away, getting more tender and flavorful in the slow cooker.

Make-Ahead Unstuffed Shells – Here's the saucy, creamy deliciousness of stuffed pasta shells—without the hassle of stuffing them and with the convenience of make-ahead preparation. Talk about the perfect recipe for your dinner table!

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Containing pasta as well as chicken, this chicken tetrazzini recipe can be accompanied by a nice green salad or whatever fresh vegetable is in season at the time.

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Put the taste back in diabetes-friendly fare with these 23 delicious comfort food recipes.

A fabulous turkey noodle casserole recipe - a great way to use up any leftover turkey! Description from browneyedbaker.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Turkey Tetrazzini

This classic Turkey Tetrazzini recipe is creamy, cheesy, and full of noodles - a perfect way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers!

Easy Turkey Tetrazzini-Leftover Solutions - News - Bubblews

Campbell's Hearty Chicken & Noodle Casserole Recipe This comforting and delicious casserole features chicken, veggies, noodles and lots of cheese.you can make the entire dish in less than an hour, and when dinner is served, everyone will be happy.