Vintage Tupperware Tall Cups with lids. Had these, but don't remember the white one. Used them to take squash to school with my packed lunch.

Vintage Tupperware Classic Tuppertoys Tote-Em Stacking Pails Bath Sandbox Toys Buckets Primary Colours Red Blue Green Yellow Purple Orange by Frase…

Tupperware favorite one was the blue one, and the brown one.

Tupperware tumblers from the My parents still have these, with the snap on "pre-sippy cup" lids. I remember taking them on car rides with a pump-Thermos of water - each family member had a "color" for the trip.

I'm suddenly nostalgic for 1970s tupperware.  I had this cookie set as a kid.

my sister and i had this.i always wanted to bake things with it.but I think mom just didn't want to bother with the mess

Looking for a complete set of each!  6 cups, 7 spoons.   Vintage - any color

A set of vintage tupperware measuring cups and spoons.they came in orange, green, yellow or off-white. Still have orange measuring cups & yellow spoons

(TAS012875) - 1983 American Greetings Corp Care Bears Plastic Drinking Cup

(TAS012875) - 1983 American Greetings Corp Care Bears Plastic Drinking Cup

- 1983 American Greetings Corp Care Bears Plastic Drinking Cup - The Angry Spider Vintage Toys & Collectibles Store

tupperware measuring cups and spoons... i still have my mama's yellow cups and the tablespoon

Tupperware measuring cups and spoons~Tupperware lasts forever! I still have the yellow measuring cups!

Kool aid popsicles! Ohh yeeeaahhhh!!!  We loved those when we were kids.  I should make some for my kids sometime too!

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the Tupperware Popsicle Molds. I still have my Mom's old Tupperware Popsicle molds!

Twelve Makes a Dozen: My Tupperware Obsession - part 2

vintage Tupperware Collection hot kitchen colors: Coffee, harvest gold, avocado, and burnt orange. My Grandma sold Tupperware so it was all through our kitchen when I was a kid.

l ate my breakfast out of these....with six kids we all had our own colors....mine was peach! Lol

Tupperware cereal bowls tales from cuckoo land. My grandma has these exact bowls! She uses them for the cat's food. Sad how the bowls we use today hold twice as much food!

Tupperware Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe using the Tupperware Microwave Stack Cooker and other Tupperware products.

Sweet and spicy pumpkin bundt cake drenched with a rich and creamy spiced cream cheese frosting. (microwave cake with frosting)

Plastic cups.....yuk.  (mind you I'm fine with the disposable ones or water bottles...)

Vintage Tupperware Cup:s I was yellow, my brother was orange and my sister was green. Everything in the house was color coded.

Cake batter dip: Blend 1 package Funfetti cake mix, 2 cups vanilla yogurt, 1 1/2 cups Cool Whip and 1 teaspoon vanilla with a mixer. Place in a tupperware container; cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Before serving, add 2 tablespoons sprinkles to the top of the dip. Serve with assorted dippers (vanilla wafers, animal crackers, graham crackers, etc.).

1 package of Funfetti cake batter mix (box variety) 2 cups vanilla yogurt 1 cups whipped topping 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons sprinkles