Veggieducken: The Vegetarian Turducken Your Thanksgiving Table Needs (VIDEO)#slide=1751924#slide=1751924

Is Your Thanksgiving Table Ready For The Veggieducken?

A spiral vegetarian tart, with mozzarella and sour cream. Very time consuming and lack of decent utensils made this even harder but the end result was absolutely delicious and very satisfying, even for a meat eater. Will definitely be making this again.

Turkey and Turducken Recipes

Turkey and Turducken Recipes

Pumpple cake, aka Piecaken (pumpkin pie & apple pie baked in chocolate cake and white cake)  And the Rachael Ray video

The Pumple Cake from the Flying Monkey Patisserie in the Reading Terminal (Philadelphia) -- an apple pie in a yellow cake and a pumpkin pie in a chocolate cake, filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting. I made my version last Thanksgiving.

John Madden and turducken (Getty Images)

Boom! Catching up with John Madden to talk all things … turducken

Football Legacy of John Madden - As John Madden celebrates a birthday on April, take a look back at his Hall of Fame career in football from coaching to broadcasting to video games.

Une bonne poutine maison, avec une fabuleuse sauce maison et du fromage qui fait kwick-kwick. Bon appétit :)

Canadian Food: The Most 'Canadian' Foods Include Bacon, Poutine And Maple Syrup Great list of classic Canadian food

The cherpumple! A 3-layer pie/cake! The turduken of the baking world! I'm going to attempt this for our next office meeting!

Cherpumple -monster pie cake a combination of cherry, pumpkin and apple pie

Leslie Pariseau on Twitter: "Turcaken or Piecaken? RT ...

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Ok not sure about the cake?  But a must watch for Alicia because of the retro ovens and mixer!!!  Your gonna love seeing it Alicia, Jason would love the pie/cake!!!

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Deadpool Thanksgiving promo image Deadpool Wishes Fans a Happy Thanksgiving in New Promo Image

Deadpool wishes his fans a happy Thanksgiving with a smoldering photo of himself posed next to some turducken.

Veggieducken from the Cooking Channel

Layer veggies and stuffing for a meatless holiday treat: the Veggieducken. Watch on ulive

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I know vegetarians do just fine at Thanksgiving, but I still can't help feeling like they're missing out. Not because they can't eat meat, but because they don't have a huge, centerpiece dish to rival the turkey...until now.

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Turducken, a Louisiana delicacy created be stuffing a boneless chicken inside a boneless duck inside a semi-boneless turkey. Look what we're having for Christmas.