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Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Basically anything from ice cream green - Tiffany blue and anything in between but Aqua/turquoise is a safe bet for a color. Any shade bright or light.there will be something similar and blend able for either gender.

Hey... it's actually BLUE raspberries. Hahaha...

heyy its actually BLUE rasberries :) Never saw them anything but red but still love this color turquoise!

needle felted waldorf inspired dwarf in von PETRUSKAfairyworld

Needle felted waldorf inspired dwarf in turquoise colors, wool felt, home decor…

Strand von Malerei Karibik seelandschaft von TheEscapeArtist

DIY beauty & Face masks : Beach painting, caribbean seascape acrylic painting with turquoise colors …

turquoise.quenalbertini: Turquoise donuts

These aqua donuts are a must have at a Tiffany themed bridal shower brunch or a Tiffany blue wedding!

Kräftige Farben des Herbst - Farbtyp  KT / Farb- Typ,- Stil & Imageberatung

Color Palette // Bleed in Colors. All images are linked to their sources on the…