I want this so bad! Sternum piercing

I really like this kind of Piercing !Not much time and you are gonne me mine😛 im so happy Surface Love is the biggest

WANNA pierce your ears & are confused where to pierce & how to than you are at the right place .ITS a bit painful job but i gurantee you will love it after piercing it. PIERCING of ears gives a hippie look GODFATHER STYLE has collected some beautiful ideas to pierce yourRead more


Cool Unusual Piercings

110 Most Unique and Beautiful Piercing Ideas with Images [2018]

Body modification goes to a new extreme; Eyeball jewelry and tattooed teeth

Unusual tongue piercing - get the look with a coned steel spiral or change it up with a titanium jewelled spiral!

You will find a range of Tongue Piercings thus, a range of Tongue Rings Offered. Just about any tongue piercing is actually great simply bec.

Celtic Knot Single Ear Piercing silver ear by shirlifantasyjewelry

Celtic Cartilage Earring - silver cartilage earring , helix earring , ear cuff , ear piercing , celtic jewelry , silver helix ,elven jewelry

Celtic Knot Single Ear Piercing silver ear by shirlifantasyjewelry. I don't have my upper ears pierced, but like the look.

New fad...piercing the skin and then pulling it tight like a corset

Surgeon blasts new 'corset piercing' fad where pierced skin is pulled together with ribbons

Corset piercing and ribbon threading. Honestly, I'd like to try this for a day or two.

Septum and nose decorations

Septum jewelry

Product Information - Product Type: Fake Septum Piercing in Surgical Stainless Steel Total Size: Silver Septum Jewelry, Fake Septum Ring, Fake Septum Piercing, Faux Septum