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Chinese Lantern Plant. I discovered them at Monticello, so they were definitely imported early.

Physalis Alkekengi: Red Lantern Plant or Winter Cherry. A beautiful plant; but can be an invasive weed in some areas; take caution where planting seeds, as once they start, you'll always have them.

Tapioca plant (I have never seen this plant before. I think it is unique.)

Beautiful leaves of Mahinot Grahamii - Hardy Tapioka plant

Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants ~ UNUSUAL THINGs

This the flower of parasitic plant Hydnora Africana and it makes my penis uncomfortable

Red Rhipsalis which is one of my favorite and eye-catching hanging basket plants. This Rhipsales ramulosa is part of the cactus family but h...

Another Pinner wrote: Red Rhipsalis which is one of my favorite and eye-catching hanging basket plants. This Rhipsales ramulosa is part of the cactus family but h.

Weird and awesome! Want one! Must be a relative of the Jade plant (crassula argentea) //Crassula umbella

known as Crassula Umbella Wine Cup Succulent.

Octopus Century Plant (Agave)

Agave vilmoriniana a.a Octopus agave.

A blue cactus, so beautiful and unusual, looks like glass... I wish to have this in my garden.

Flower pots planters 100 Seeds Blue witchford seed Lithops Pseudotruncatella seed Perennial for Home Stone Flowers

Unusual tropical plant

Unusual tropical plant

Nightshade's Garden:  In #Nightshade's #Garden ~ Ghost Plants.

Ghost plant, monotropa uniflora: At risk plant. With its increased popularity, the plant has begun to disappear from the wild.

most unusual

Bedazzling Orchid More - Gardening Worlds

A most unusual plant from the Canary Islands. Individual plants form a perfect flat disc which can grow to 45 in diameter. This plant is also commonly called saucer plant. Aeonium tabuliforme. Sometimes, the form will be crested in the center, making it look like a big green turtle

Saucer Plant (Aeonium tabulaefoeme) I'm renaming this one Pancake plant.

Bells of Ireland - An annual in our area, but an unusual plant to have in the garden. I quite like them.

Moluccella laevis - Bells of Ireland - a summer flowering annual, native to Turkey, Syria and the Caucasus

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A nerdfest about 5 carnivorous plants -- including one you can grow today

An old-fashioned dome makes a perfect container for tall plants. This group of insectivorous plants -- 'Scarlet Belle' pitcher plant, purple-blooming Mexican butterwort and Venus fly trap -- grows in sphagnum moss. The raised dome allows insects to enter.

Dracula vampira (Luer) Orchid        Nepenthes albomarginata        Ceropegia haygarthii        Passiflora parritae- Photo by  J.G. in ...

Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers - Passiflora parritae- Photo by J.