Drink: A Dirty Girl (Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade) Need: 1oz kiwi syrup, 1.5oz vodka, 3oz lemonade, 1.5oz fresh watermelon juice  Steps: In a large glass of ice, start with the kiwi syrup, then gently add the lemonade, vodka and finally the watermelon juice. To soften the ingredients’ impact on one another, slowly pour each ingredient onto the back of a bar spoon.

Drink: A Dirty Girl (Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade) Need: kiwi syrup, vodka, lemonade, fresh watermelon juice. Ok my dirty girls. This obviously has to be our signature post race drink next year!


Adios Mother F***er (aka as Drunk Bob No Pants)

cucumber martini. refreshing! had this at a steak house in vegas.  can't seem to find it here in l.a.

One organic cucumber 1 liter of Tito's Handmade Vodka Watermelon juice Champagne Instructions. It’s a day at the spa in a glass! Peel and dice you organic cucumber into cubes, then add to 1 liter Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

cannabis jolly ranchers

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leave the bourbon on the shelf, and I'll drink it by myself.

Review: The Killers – Runaways

I cannot wait for the Killers concert with Kayley! I was refreshing on their music today, and I had a mini dance party in my room.

Barista Creates Colorful Latte Art Using Food Dye

Barista Creates Colorful Latte Art Using Food Dye

underground las vegas home built in the 70s completely intact - SO RAD!!

Home, 3970 Spencer Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA -- Built in the this underground home can house a family for up to one year without them having to resurface.


Coconut Rum 1 splash Cranberry Juice cup Red Bull Energy Drink Or replace crown with Cinnamon Whiskey for a CIN CITY