Vegetable pasties NB:  You don't need egg to seal the pastry - just use vegan pastry and brush with soya milk / water.

Vegetable pasties

" Vegetable Pasties" These classic bakery favourites will never go astray with hungry young 'uns around!

Spinach Pie - Love with recipe. How cool is this, you could use this idea with loads of fillings. Great to be shown how to do it.

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A Beautiful and Sunny Spinach Pie - Joybx. - The link took me to a different recipe, but you could do this with any savory pie filling that is thick enough!

Paul Deen's Chicken Empanadas.  Made w/ refrigerated pie crust.

Chicken Empanadas

Paula Deen Cheesiest Fried Chicken Empanadas with Chili Con Queso Dip (This can be used as an appetizer or as a main dish)

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How Many Calories Do I Need Each Day?

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Taco Tarts::Easy to make and you can sub other ingredients to taste. Leave out the meat for Veggie Tarts.

Taco Pop Tarts

With this incredible combination of our favorite breakfast pastry and our favorite dinner food, we've come up with the perfect lunch: Taco Pop Tarts. It's a savory, lunchbox-friendly twist on a beloved childhood treat, perfect for both you and the kids.

Curried potato pasties - a Welsh/Isles favorite of my families. We make them every solstice.

Curried potato pasties

Though most people love summer, growing up in central Florida July and August were months to be dreaded. Something about so much heat and humidity that steam comes off the road after an afternoon rain just isn’t appealing. Though I’m all over the country these days, I still find myself getting really excited at the …

Zucchini Quinoa Patties with Lemon Oregano Yogurt Sauce - Dabbles & Babbles Dinner tonight

India's popular snack that finds a place in almost every bakery or chaat shop - our very own Samosa. Savory comfort food at its best, a crisp exterior filled with a savory vegetable stuffing that goes very well over a hot cup of chai especially on a rain filled day.

Samosa – Indian Snack

India's popular snack - our very own Samosa. Savory comfort food at its best, a crisp exterior filled with a savory vegetable stuffing.

Arancini di Riso Arancini or arancine are fried (or, less commonly, baked) rice balls coated with breadcrumbs, said to have originated in Sicily in the 10th century.Arancine are usually filled with ragù (meat sauce), tomato sauce,mozzarella, and/or peas.The main type of arancina sold in Sicilian cafes are arancini con ragù, which typically consist of meat in a tomato sauce, rice, and mozzarella.

Arancini di Riso

Arancini di Riso Recipe -In Italy, rice balls are often served as a side dish, like bread. Our version features a ground beef and green pea filling.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Pan de naranja y anis 59)


Pan de naranja y anis 59)

A wonderful meal be it lunch to go or served at home with a salad. Pasties can be made ahead and frozen and filled with any number of items...personalize your pasties!

Mother's Pasties

PASTIES were a must years ago when men worked the mines in northern Michigan. The housewives made them in the morning and wrapped them tightly in newspaper so they would stay warm until lunch break.

Indian Appetizer: Savory Samosas

These Tasty Pockets Are One Of The Most Popular Snacks In India! After Trying Them We Can See Why!

Indian Recipe: Savory Samosas Anyone who is familiar with Indian food is probably familiar with this delicious appetizer. Samosas are a fr.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry (make it paleo)

30 Minute Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe via Dinner at the Zoo - This recipe for chicken and broccoli stir fry is a classic dish of chicken sauteed with fresh broccoli florets and coated in a sa