Falafel burgers whole wheat pita stuffed with falafel, cabbage slaw and TZATZIKI  sauce: 1 large garlic clove, minced  1 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded, and cubed  2 Tablespoons chopped fresh mint  1 cup plain full fat yogurt  salt and pepper

Falafel burgers

Falafel burgers Absolutely delicious with pitta breads and mango chutney! I also like mixing them up from time to time by putting cranberries/apricot/apple in them 😙😙😙 Plus its mums favourite 😅

Mini jacket potatoes

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North India includes the state of Haryana, . vegeterian-food vegeterian-food no-comment-needed

The rub is great.  I tried it on little turkey burgers.  The salad tasted fresh but was just ok.  Love the idea of hummus on the burgers!  Yum!

Spiced Mini Burgers With Couscous Salad

Accidentally vegetarian, tangy beammus with spicy eggplants and mushrooms.

Tangy beammus with spicy eggplant and mushroom

Malai kofta with spicy gravy


This North Indian Malai kofta dish is often served at Diwali and makes the perfect dinner party treat

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Desi Recipe in detail, w/ pics: aloo paneer kofta - crisp, melt in the mouth koftas made with potatoes, cottage cheese and stuffed with mixed dry fruits et al.

Zucchini Fritters - I love these fritters. They are a version of vegetarian kofta a favorite Indian snack, but instead of deep-frying them, I cook them like pancakes on a hot, oiled griddle. They are low carb, gluten-free and taste wonderful. At home we eat them as summer substitute for potato pancakes or hash browns. They are great topped with poached eggs or as a side dish for fish or chicken. If your palate needs some zip, spice them up with the jalapeño.

Zucchini Fritters

These zucchini fritters are a version of vegetarian kofta. Instead of deep-frying them, I cook them like pancakes on a hot, oiled griddle.

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Malai Kofta - Vege-balls in a Thick Sauce

Though the word 'curry' does not begin to describe the depth and breadth of what is available in Indian cuisine, the association is a popular one nonetheless. Here are some of my curry recipes for you to try.

Try This Tasty Indian Kofta Meatball Curry Recipe

A Kofta Curry

Try This Tasty Indian Kofta Meatball Curry Recipe