Adding Character With Decorative Vent Covers

"I WISH I had floor vents just so I could do this," said a reader when she saw this clever trick:

Changing out builder grade vent covers with decorative vent covers is one of the easiest ways to add character to a room while also making your home look more upscale.

DIY Decorative Vent Cover... cover up that ugly standard vent cover with this easy tutorial!

DIY decorative vent cover

cover up that ugly standard vent cover with this easy tutorial. Use a picture frame and Lowe's sheet metal, cut to size, painted.

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I wonder if they make these for ceiling return air vents. The Friendly Home: A better looking return air grille. What a good idea.

how to air return vent

DIY Air Return Vent

Air return and vent covers...because every house will need vents but there is no need for them to be an eyesore.

Air vent covers, can include 'air flow regulators' which mount behind vent covers. The regulators mount independently of the vent cover and operate with a key, but in some cases you may need to remove the cover.