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chic style to age beautifully..You can get hair with many colors streaked through it via the foil highlight process. You can get highlights and lowlights painted onto hair to great effect.

Photos of Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles

Gray Hair Gray hair can be striking, elegant and chic. But it can also be aging. Look for flattering hair styles and ways to go gray gracefully if you want to stay natural. Or, look into hair color options for older women to stave off graying.

very  cute think logan would look so good in this. One by KARAN,  Dress, short sexy elegant new look, Urban / Streetwear

One as a multicolored silk mini dress with a scarf on the left shoulder is an eye-popping party piece.

#necklace #chunky #loveit #cute

40 Classic Statement Necklaces to Make You Look Attractive

Striped shirt and statement necklace. my go-to outfit. with ripped jeans of course

Glamor at it's finest!

statement necklace + tee + faux fur jacket (I would love to be brave enough to wear this!

Reasons to Breathe

We take a look at beautiful statement necklaces that would be a gorgeous addition to any bridal outfit, along with the 5 weddings we loved this week!

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