These are GREAT! You can toss a potato in the microwave. A microwaved potato often comes out dry, with leathery skin, losing that oven-baked tenderness. With a little cotton fabric, however, you can sew together a simple bag that lets you cook up to four potatoes at a time in the microwave without losing moisture for true baked-potato flavor. Takes 2 pieces 100% cotton fabric & 100% cotton batting 10 x 22,

Bouncy balls rebound in response to the amount of force used when they contact hard surfaces. That simply means that a bouncy ball will bounce back at you with about 80 percent of the energy you used .

Black-White Striped Print Pleated Loose Skirt

Black-White Striped Print Zebra Pleated Loose Tutu Vintage Dacron A-line Midi Skirt

lovely dress

I love this maxi dress. The hippie inspired tie-dye is modernized by being a more consistent pattern. The dress has a thigh slit and hugs the body in the right places. Paired with heels and purse it has the best modern twist to the hippie seventies look.

KENZO x VACCARELLO | @andwhatelse


sweatshirt, button up shirt, and leather skirt for the perfect cool street style look.

How to be Sexy: 50 Tips Every Woman Should Know

40 Tips for How to Be Sexy

Aritzia White Half Sleeve Peplum Sheer Floral Embroidery Blouse by Sincerely Jules

Casual culottes with aviator sunglasses. | #findwhatyoulove @VisionDirectAu |

Culottes - Julie wearing Sincerely Jules 'Karlie' Tank, Aritzia Culottes and Rag & Bone 'Shaw' Mules.

military pants!!! I think I'm in love with these pants!

Julie Sariñana: Steal Her Summer Street Style

super pretty BHLDN dress + peony flower crown

Bohemian Backyard Wedding in Milwaukee: Rea + Danny

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Ines de la Fressange and the rise of the Instassistant (That's Not My Age)