This would be a great guy

That would be a nice guy, but mix every main hero boy from every fandom. Now THAT would be a nice guy.

Cover Reveal: Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) by Victoria Aveyard

'Red Queen': Exclusive Sequel Cover Reveal and Movie News

Glass Sword (Red Queen, book by Victoria Aveyard - book cover, description, publication history.

COVER REVEAL: King's Cage (Red Queen #3) by Victoria Aveyard

Exclusive: Here's The Cover For Victoria Aveyard's Next Book

King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen; With Mare powerless as a prisoner of Maven Calore, the boy she once loved, her rebel Reds continue to organize and train as they prepare for war, while exiled prince Cal sets out to rescue Maven from captivity.

Honestly same.

Honestly same.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard | The 32 Best Fantasy Books Of 2015

The 32 Best Fantasy Books Of 2015

Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard

Universal Acquires Victoria Aveyard Novel ‘Red Queen’ A friend of ours wrote this can't wait to read it!

Universal Acquires Victoria Aveyard Novel ‘Red Queen’

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures has optioned Red Queen, a novel by author Victoria Aveyard. Benderspink and Pouya Shazbazian are producing, and Christopher Cosmos producing in some capacity.