Coffee Jell-o! Ready in 15 minutes.

That Winsome Girl: Vietnamese Coffee Jello cup cold water, 2 cups strong coffee, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 3 packages of Knox unflavored gelatin

Vietnamese Jello Cake(rau cau) - CurlTalk

Vietnamese Jello Cake(rau cau)

Yummy Vietnamese jello. Rau câu is Vietnamese jello made with agar agar, which is a seaweed by-product, similar to gelatin (except it\'s vegetal).

Rau Câu Dừa / Vietnamese Coconut Jello Recipe (Pham Fatale), made with agar agar powder

Agar agar panna cotta is a way of making a light dessert suitable for a strict vegetarian diet. Agar agar powder is a good gelatin substitute for vegans and vegetarians. It's derived from seaweed and is cooked the same way you would gelatin. This flavors the panna cotta with fresh cherries and cherry extract.

Agar agar panna cotta is my way of making a light dessert suitable for a strict vegetarian diet. Agar agar powder is a good gelatin substitute for ve

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Hi guys, I would like to share a easy Asian coconut jello dessert recipe using iPhone Plus in recording. I grew up eating the jello and it's very refre.

awesome traditional vietnamese recipe! helen's recipes,,,Jello Cake - Rau câu khuôn (Recipe) - YouTube

How to Make Vietnamese Coconut Jelly Cakes. FYI, this is an acquired taste. My Old Neighbors made it for me all the time.

Burmese coconut Jello. It is like pop corn to me. I can eat a whole bowl!

One of the desserts I grew up with is coconut jello. I love its two layers: the top, less dense coconut milk and the bottom, clear agar. I think coconut jello is more of a Burmese than Chinese.

Almond Jelly with agar agar and fresh fruit. Sounds slightly odd and I don't know if it's for me, but I'd like to give it a try in the summer.

Recipe: almond jello dessert There is snow out there. I can find snow any time of year if I'm willing to climb high enough to get to it.

might have to try this since i have an abnormal love of coffee :P

Coffee Jello by Food Librarian - like Vietnamese coffee (a combo of espresso and condensed milk) jello.

This sounds really awesome. I love "gelatina de leche" (unflavored gelatin with condensed milk), so cafe latte jello would be great!

Asian coffee “cake” recipe

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30 Shots 30 different cocktail shot recipes, visualized into a handy infographic for all. For those very few times now that a shot is necessary.

Coconut Jelly - a silky smooth, slightly sweet way to end any dim sum party!

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Coconut Jelly -- 2 tablespoons agar-agar powder 2 cans coconut milk 6 tablespoons sugar 1 cup canned coconut cream Several drops rose water for flavor, optional