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17 Vintage Hairstyles With Tutorials for You to Try

VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Vintage long haired lady

realityayslum: Hand grasping a beautiful young. realityayslum: “ Hand grasping a beautiful young woman’s long, dark hair. (thnx to chagalov for the link) ”

Victorian long hair.

Xie Qiuping - World's Longest Hair Women How long is the longest hair? According to Guinness the world's longest documented hair belongs.

Weird that long hair like this was the fashion ideal at one time. I don't think most women today would have the patience even to brush it out at night, never mind style it!  :)

One had to have this much hair to achieve the beautiful updos and fat hair fashions in the Edwardian period,

cabinet photos of ladies with long hair sell very well

vintage everyday: Victorian Beauties – 31 Interesting Photos Show Ladies in Front of Mirrors Before 1900

DIY Faux Bob Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair - #diyhair #diyweddings #weddingbeauty

DIY Faux Bob Wedding Hairstyle

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Victorian Rapunzel i'd pay a years salary to be able to wash, blow dry, then comb bd brush this