ARBRE de Noël livre Vintage enseignant-cadeaux par HiButterfly

Old Book Christmas Tree. Made from an old book titled Music in Europe and the United States, it's topped with a silver glitter covered star, and white organza with silver cascading bows. The page edges have been stained with a brown paint wash.

Vintage Christmas tree with Color Wheel

Vintage aluminum Christmas tree with Color Wheel,c Decorated with vintage glass ornaments. The electric color wheel ,when turned on, cast the silver aluminum tree into different colors.

Transferware and Vintage Silver are all you need for a Christmas Display.  A few bottle brush trees add a whimsical touch. ~ Mary Walds Place - FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: TOUCHES OF CHRISTMAS

A tiny pine tree in a silver trophy vase . Wonderful finishing touch for red & green transferware. Also perfect in little sterling cigarette urns or sugar bowls.

 inherited a vintage silver tree from the mil and thinking about trying for this look!

Christmas Tree Themes

I have a silver tree. I haven't gotten tired of the multi-colored lights yet. Had white lights on it for three years running.

Vintage Silver Christmas Tree.  Ours was decorated all in blue!  I thought it was beautiful!

My mom had one of these and I hated it. It had the thing that turned with the different colors shining on the tree. I always wanted a REAL tree.


21 Beautiful Silver Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The vintage Silver trees are fab!

Vintage Aluminum Christmas Trees

Vintage aluminum Christmas trees are the gorgeous, sparkly symbol of the Space Age. Popular in the and you can find some beautiful, aluminum trees to decorate your home for some Vintage Christmas flair.