When I get hurt, I tend to distance myself so I don't get hurt again. And I get angry.

Virgo response to anger : So truee. But he take it as I'm not mature and dont tried to keep our relay seriously even though I really appreciated and treasured our relay.

Virgos - Males vs. Females

Virgo Male & Female Sums myself up somewhat to say the least and he same with someone else I know and her attributes

Virgo. You want have to question it, but if you do "Show" us.... Well we will never look back!!

But I'll try hard to show it to you. But, nahhh. You said I've affair behind u or wat so ever. Although ur already knew what i did all single day. Everday and so onn 😬😬😬😠

Virgo Scorpio Compatibility - Virgo Man & Scorpio Woman, Virgo Female & Scorpio Male Love Match

The love match of a Virgo and a Scorpio is a step towards making a perfect union. Read on to know about their relationship & compatibility.

Virgo females are the sweetest of the Zodiac, but mess with them and you'll wish you didn't. -

Virgo can be too fussy for you. It takes a special character to deal with a picky Virgo!