Craziest kids hairdos. These are legit hilarious and so well done.

14+ Of The Best Crazy Hair Day ‘Dos Ever

This girl went to school on crazy hair day with this insane updo: Her hair looks like root beer being poured into a cup! My school doesn't have a crazy hair day.

If you raised a daughter, you most likely mastered the basic braid long ago. But supermom Becky Porter, who blogs at Babes In Hairland, just raised the bar with these stunning alphabet braids.

This Creative Mom Braided Her Daughter's Hair In Every Letter of the Alphabet

Wacky Tacky Day Outfit Ideas |

Wacky Tacky Day Outfit Ideas |

What I Wore for Wacky Tacky Day. Guys, I'm an elementary school art teacher. Be gentle with the comments ;)

Cassie Stephens: DIY: The 7 Habits of a Crazily Dressed Art Teacher: I think this woman may be my new fashion muse

the monsters inside:: HOW WE (almost) FAILED WACKY TACKY DAY

They were so excited last night. They didn't even want us to lay out their clothes before bed because they wanted to be able to dream up .