We will probably still have the social stigma of Hallmark holidays during the apocalypse.

Happy Valentines Day r/Zombies!

The most beautiful zombie apocalypse Valentine: roses are red, dead flesh is green. When the dead start to rise, you're on my team.

First Look: Alycia Debnam Carey at work on the Vancouver location set of Fear The Walking Dead on Sunday

Fear The Walking Dead starts shooting in Vancouver

Rising stars Cliff Curtis and Alycia Debnam Carey headline The Walking Dead spin-off and both were spotted prepping scenes on the streets of the Canadian city that will double for Los Angeles.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 'Start to Finish' Rick, Carl and Deanna

Carl (Chandler Riggs), Ron (Austin Abrams), Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) try to escape the horde of walkers on their way to Alexandria in a scene from 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale, "Start to Finish.

walking+dead+birthday | Happy Birthday Walking Dead Meme

The walking doge.

Look, He's Learning!

Look, He's Learning!

Lol oh Merle, you will forever be the racist drug addicted redneck brother with the awesome spear hand. But i love ur brother more :P Fun Fact, the dixon brothers were NOT in the comics.

Throw an unforgettable viewing party for The Walking Dead at home with these 25 recipes and crafts perfect for a zombie approved Walking Dead party.

The Walking Dead: 25 Recipes and Crafts for a Zombie Approved Party

The Walking Dead... Carl Started With Cute Chubby Cheeks.. Now He Is A Tall Young Man With Long Hair And Those Cute Chubby Cheeks Are Gone.. Time Does Fly!!!

The Walking Dead. Carl Started With Cute Chubby Cheeks. Now He Is A Tall Young Man With Long Hair And Those Cute Chubby Cheeks Are Gone. Time Does Fly! Chandler time line aha