My favorite songs speak chapters in my journey called life..listen to what I sing, listen when I say it's a favorite.... | #lifeadvancer |

Behind every girls favorite song there is an untold story. This is so true. My favorite song is Lost It All. by BVB

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Break every unfair stereotype and show the world you are powerful and you can do amazing things regardless your race, gender or any other factor. The best candidate is not always the obvious candidate.

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The sun will rise again tomorrow, so if something didn't work out today, try again tomorrow or the day after. With chronic illnesses, fatigue and pain will often change or limit your plans. Don't worry--let it go.

Drag Me Down - one Direction, i have never been the biggest directioner but this song i my favorite .... EVER!!

I've got fire for a heart, I'm not scared of the dark, you've never seen it look so easy. One Direction ~ Drag Me Down.

One the biggest contributor to productivity is the ability to focus; that  is, the ability to narrow down our attention on something.   Focusing helps us keep our eyes on the goal. It’s a key to clarity,  efficiency and concentration.  The problem is, attention is a limited resource and distra

the watercolour wallpaper. as drawing inspiration - Milly // 5 strategies to improve your productivity and focus — Calm