The Warrior Shield Maiden Lagertha

The Warrior Shield Maiden Lagertha.<< Female armor that I can *tolerate.* Protective, lightweight and feminine.

Dual daggers and well tooled leather is a perfect combination.

The Huntswoman Chastain's character, Sara, is an equal to Chris Hemsworth's titular Huntsman. "She brought her A game right away," says director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, adding that Chastain took horseback-riding lessons and trained with a martial artist.

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Purple is one of my favourite colors, so I just had to do it. ヾ(。・ω・)シ Belongs to SweetIntoxikation ♥ The acution ends at Polish time.

new costume I created last week! Viking tribal phoenix princess warrior fairy… More

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Hanfu Two-piece set Straight loose robes Half-arm shawl Men Hanfu Clothing

traditional native american warrior clothing - Google Search

Can you imagine the skill, time and energy put into making his clothes. Amazing and breathtaking.

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Punk Rock

Madbox cover

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