One Piece. 500 episodes strong!

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One Piece Anime Characters.

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Doflamingo xD from the One Piece anime

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Luffy I always say this phrase whenever I start struggling with my study and it gives me  enforcement

"If you don't take risks, you can't create a future! Luffy quote poster from the most popular Anime series of all time;, One Piece

One Piece anime_  Funny Chopper and Sanji trying to make Zoro apologize to Robin.

Roronoa Zoro Sanji Vinsmoke Tony Tony Chopper Straw Hat Crew Pirates Mugiwaras One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy. One Piece Anime Top favorite male anime character well for me anyways!

The moon and nonsense

Me watching Bleach or Naruto or Fairy tail lol xD "Dayuumm, its already 3 am, but...but... just one more episode!" and I click on the next episode...

You know when your watching Netflix and then it stops on the middle of your episode and asks if you want to continue.