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We have compiled this cool collection of water logo designs for your inspiration. Some logos are obvious while others use water in a more subtle way.

Logo - Vol combined with crest. Im stretching it now. I still like including all of volcrest at this time. maybe make the just the V the logo

20 Beautiful Water Inspired Logos

Today we take a look at some beautiful water inspired logos. From crazy water droplets to intricate flowing shapes, we share them all!

middle water drop with mirrored version above being sun in B shape

Nature elements, alternative energy and renewable energy logo. Aqua logo design template - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.

I really like that this design is subtle, but still noticeable. It is very clean and not too busy. We could use this for our headlines, especially the headline of our InDepth, and just subtly transform the words so that they incorporate and image of what they are about. Hannah Menchel

Best Typography of 2013

Here is another example of a simple stylization of a logotype. The "A" in Water has a water droplet replacing one of the stems from the letter. A good modern logotype who's symbolism is easily identified.

I like the appearance of this logo as it gives the impression of being 3Dimensional. I don't know if this particular style would be appropriate for this current logo as i feel such a style could be easily overcomplicated.

28 Inspiring Water-Based Logos

Very cool 'C'.  The smudge gives it a really nice effect.  As if it's starting to emerge out of the water.

Identity for Creature. A Seattle-based advertising and graphic design agency. By Clara Mulligan