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Yum made this for dinner! Still good, even if I did only marinate it for a couple of hours.

Portuguese-style chicken

Cool down from the heat of this spicy Portuguese-style chicken with the sweet flavours of pineapple salsa.

Image result for inside weber smokey joe

Image result for inside weber smokey joe

Buy chicken with the bones in. It’s much cheaper than boneless chicken, and it’s really not that difficult to take the bones out yourself. Plus you can use the leftover parts of the chicken to make tasty broth. Image via My Recipes.

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Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes Recipe - Laura Vitale "Laura In The Kitchen" Episode 26 - YouTube

Installing & cooking a chicken on a Weber rotisserie. The grill in this video is a Weber Silver A, but the process is the same for all grills.

Check out this delicious recipe for Triple Play Barbecued Chicken  from Weber—the world's number one authority in grilling.

TRIPLE PLAY BARBECUED CHICKEN ~ Triple the flavor of grilled chicken by first seasoning with a spicy rub, smoking the chicken over wood chips, then brushing with a sweet and tangy sauce.

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We do not appreciate the cold, but we do relish the grilling. Winter grilling with only three trips.

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Marinated Rotisserie Roast Beef

Since eye round of beef is generally tougher, this rotisserie beef recipe allows you to cook it over low heat for a juicy result.

How to Barbecue a Whole Chicken on a Weber Grill | Life with Grilling | | @LifewthGrilling | If you are looking for a pictorial guide to #barbecuing a whole #chicken with indirect grilling, this article will fit the bill. From beginning to end, there will be images that will give you the set-by-step process.

How to Barbecue a Whole Chicken on a Weber Grill

If you want to learn how to barbecue a whole chicken, this article will give you all the steps to create a scrumptious meal!

Tips from Weber's Grill Master about how to cook your holiday turkey on your gas grill

Do you wonder how to clean a charcoal BBQ grill at home? Regardless of the type of charcoal grill that you use, the importance to frequently clean these.