Michael Scofield, Prison Break

Leonard paused, looking up at the TV. For once, he was grateful Dakota didn't have a TV. His face was plastered all across the big screen

I LOVE Prison Break!

(Canning Tatum < Wentworth Miller. All day, (age wentworth miller (aka michael scofield from prison break).

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller - Resident Evil: Afterlife - So could get lost in those eyes.See it totaly happened.

Hot Male Tattoos | Best Male Fashion Icons: #8 Michael's Tattoos, 'Prison Break'

The other side of the Prison Break tattoo has the same angel and devil, only now the devil wins. Might be very cool for my left leg!

Your not...You have Michael scofield sitting right next to you.

Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies as Michael and Sara in Prison Break .

Prison break....BEST. SHOW. EVER!!!

Just started watching Prison Break and I'm hooked. Watching Wentworth Miller doesn't hurt either ;When I watch prison break, I FEEL IT!

We just finished prison break on Netflix, he is one of my favorite characters ever. So happy they are doing a reboot.

Saddest part of prison break by far. I love you Wentworth Miller.whenever I think of this I start crying uncontrollably

Prison Break (Superb Collection of Poster Art by Vincent Aseo - GeekTyrant)

Superb Collection of Poster Art by Vincent Aseo