Chitterlings and Hog Maws Recipe - It doesn't get any country'er than this

Chitterlings is one of those recipes that you have to try for a true soul food experience. We teach you how to clean and cook chitlins in your kitchen without the smell.

How To Clean, Prepare, And Cook Chitterlings & Hog Maws| Soul Food Chitl...

How To Clean, Prepare, And Cook Chitterlings & Hog Maws: Soul Food Chitlins Recipe

Please don't judge this dish until you try it!  Check out the related blog for more details and variations!  Think

Hog Maw (Pennsylvania Dutch)

Hog Maw (Pennsylvania Dutch) --Think “sausage casing”. Once you can get beyond the fact that you are working with a pig stomach, roll up your sleeves and start cooking!


Chitlins and hog maws

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Hog Maw Casserole

Hog Maw Casserole

Hogshead cheese....Someone's Maw Maws recipe. I'm sooo trying this!!

A few weeks ago I was dining on a patio and enjoying a Lone Star longneck when a friend of mine started rambling about an art project involving a hog head. I could see her lips moving, but the sound of the words faded into a childhood memory of eating.

SOULFOOD RECIPES: Soul Food-Fried Chitterlings and Hog Maws

Soul Food : Fried Chitterlings and Hog Maws A nice soul food recipe to try ! Soulfood Recipe Ingredients: 2 pounds hog maws (p.

Home Joys: Makin' Hog Maw

Regina shares directions for making hog maw. Never heard of it? Read on. Makin' Hog Maw Shared by Regina Rosenberry If.

Hog Maw - Pennsylvania Dutch cooking at it's finest., page 1

Hog Maw - Pennsylvania Dutch cooking at it's finest., page (I don't think that I will ever be brave enough to eat this, but I will pin this recipe since many remember and still eat this dish.

Hog Maws and Chittlins (Chitterlings) revisited (Cleaning and Cooking)

I wanted to do this again because many people had questions. This is my "No Water Technique. This will product the best tasting Hog Maws and Chitlins ever!