White Castle Turkey Dressing

White Castle Stuffing is a great way to add excitement to your Thanksgiving Dinner. The miniature hamburgers are often available in your grocer's freezer section.

White Castle Dip  For all you lovers of White Castle Hamburgers - you have to try this!    1 lb ground hamburger (cooked)  1 brick of Velveeta Cheese  1 packet of dry onion soup mix  French Bread Sliced  Sliced Dill Pickles    Melt Velveeta in large crock pot on low, add soup mix and hamburger and stir until fully mixed. Once hot, place dip on sliced bread and add a pickle.  Double Receipe to fill a crock pot for large crowds. Perfect for Super Bowl!

{consume} white castle burgers (nearest location: bloomington, mn)

White Castle Style Mini Hamburgers – Mushroom Spinach Salad, Baked Onion Rings and Homemade Seasoned Salt

White Castle Style Mini Hamburgers - Mushroom Spinach Salad

Almost White Castle Hamburgers | These little burgers are just like the real thing (White Castle/Krystal's) and you can freeze them for a quick snack/meal! #recipe #copycat #WhiteCastle

Almost White Castle Hamburgers. Photo by Fantastical Sharing As a White Castle addict I can say that these are VERY close to the real thing.

Copycat White Castle Burgers | I didn't care much for the taste of these...the onion and peanut butter were too overpowering...but I'm saving this because I liked the method. Cooking the meat on a baking sheet is brilliant. For better flavor I would add ranch dressing mix and bacon to plain ground beef. ::LA

Copycat White Castle Burgers

Secret Copycat Restaurant Recipes – McDonald’s Big Mac and Special Sauce Copycat Recipes

Secret Copycat Restaurant Recipes – McDonald’s Big Mac and Special Sauce Copycat Recipes= tastes pretty good but a lot of work lol

White Castle Dressing

A very good friend of mine came up with this recipe because her kids absolutely love White Castle burgers. No one knows the axial secret to their moist mouth watering burgers, but let me tell you this recipe comes extremely close. In fact my mouth.

Made with egg, cola, saltine crackers, onion, French salad dressing, Parmesan…

Coca-Cola Burgers

A recipe for Sonic's No. 1 Burger made with ground beef, plain white hamburger bun, butter-flavored spray or melted butter, salt