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Hot Grape Cider

I have a serious obsession with concord grapes and concord grape jam. Nothing compares to that naturally jelly mouthfeel and ultrasweet flavor, so I'm always

Concord grape pie with crumb topping - I've never thought of grapes for a pie - guess I've been missing out!

Concord Grape Pie With Crumb Topping

It’s grape season here in Michigan, and this year I decided to take some of our bounty and make a grape pie! This is Concord Grape Pie from the 1966 printing of Better Homes and Gardens Pies and Ca…

Pancakes with Concord Grape Syrup

Pancakes with Concord Grape Syrup. I think it would be a fun Sunday morning treat to make peanut butter pancakes with this concord grape syrup.

How to Can - Concord Grape Jelly Recipe

At one time my mother in law would make many different flavors of jams and jellies.

Wild Concord Grape Jelly

Wild Concord Grape Jelly

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Mulberry Jelly

Mulberry Jelly also do a jam, a preserve and compotes with this and our other berries

Grape Jelly from   								Grape jelly is my favorite.  My husband makes this for me. He makes blackberry, plum and crab apple too. He is an excellent cook. He is the canner in our family--he cans everything!! The cooking time is only after it comes to a boil.

Grape Jelly

From The Southern Living Cookbook. A very simple jelly using bottled grape juice. Goes together in no time, so its perfect for last minute gift ideas or beginning jelly makers. Uses hot water bath canning.

Concord For Making Homemade Wine

How To Make Homemade Concord Wine

Concord Grape Jelly Recipe - uses Granny Smith apple for pectin (so it's free of commercial pectin).  This makes 2 1/2 pints, or 5 half-pints, so it's between a "microbatch" and a regular jelly batch.  ETA - Remember, let your juice cool in the fridge overnight to settle out the tartaric crystals, or you will have them in your jelly!  It's not mentioned in this recipe but it is important.

Concord Grape Jelly

Concord Grape Jelly Recipe on Food & Wine ~ When you have an abundance of juicy sweet Concord grapes, this superb jelly is quick to make and sings of grape flavor.

Concord Grape Jam by Jeff at A Dork and His Pork.... how to make grape jam, will be doing this very soon

Concord grapes are the very same little purple wonders that give Welch's grape juice its signature flavor. Here's how to turn those jewels into jam.

How to make Concord Grape Jam at The Hungry Mouse

My first time making homemade grape freezer jam. My grapes didn't have seeds so I blended them whole before simmering. No pectin needed