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I don't bow hunt*sad face*, but sure love to rifle hunt! I really, REALLY want to try bow fishing though.

Cough cough like when Carrie Underwood ordered her husband to stop hunting because she's dumb


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hunting always comes first....lol

I am still laughing at this one and I had to steal it! I see these darn meme's all the time from a guys point of view and Megan from Legal Addiction Outdoors was spot on with her version!

Mindy Arthurs loves inspiring women to hunt. Please vote for her to be the 2014 Extreme Huntress at www.facebook.com/extremehuntress and www.extremehuntress.com.

And the connection between hunting-fanatics and god-fanatics goes on. I think it makes sense. They adore a god that loves to kill their sons and don't see nothing wrong with killing innocents as well.

Women hunting

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