World Trade Center, Visited NYC in March went to the top of World Trade Center Stayed in the Marriott World Trade Center which was at the bottom of the twin towers.

World Trade Center 2 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Allen Beatty

World Trade Center. Been on the top of one of twin towers. Never Forget.I will never be able to show these to you in person, it is sad that they were taken away from us, but an important memory none-the-less

Images of the World Trade Center, 1970-2001

World Trade Center with the Statue of Liberty centered between the twin towers.One lovely sight we won't be seeing again.

One World Trade Center visualised

One World Trade Center AKA "The Freedom Tower" now the tallest building in the United States and the Western Hemisphere as well as one of the overall tallest buildings in the entire world.

This picture shows the destruction cause by a terrorist attack in September 2001 of the twin towers, a unforgettable and very sad day for all of us as many innocent people lost their lives as well as many people lost their loved ones in the incident.

World Trade Center, 1971 - Photos - Manhattan under construction

Innovative in both design and construction, the towers of the World Trade Center are built in immense pre-assembled pieces, each three stories tall, dramatically speeding the construction process; April two years before the buildings are dedicated