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36" Wrought Iron Decorative Gate - Garden Trellis - Old Country Wire Garden Gates or Trellises

36 Wrought Iron Decorative Gate - Garden Trellis Woven Wire Gates or Trellises This is another style of decorative gate would make a neat trellis.

Wrought iron gate with sunflower shapes painted blue

Cute add on for the gate opening to the front fence! Wrought iron gate with sunflower shapes painted blue

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Home & Garden: wrought iron garden metal wall art. where can I find something like this without breaking the bank?

Tree branch trellis arch by Shawn Lovell Metalworks. More practical than the wooden arbor that always needs painting.

Arch with birds Question, is this arch living? I have one in my yard that looks very similar. I just climbed a ladder and tied two trees together in a few places to form an arch and voila! A living arch, with birds sometimes.

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We hvae some lovely "new" vintage garden fence and gates, we are using them to create trellises!