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150727 Kris for Our Street Style in Paris 我们的街拍时刻

Tencent Fation | KRIS 吴亦凡 (Wu Yi Fan) I'm sorry. I can't handle him like this. too hot too hot too much. mmuuhh ajkflhsfdyoiel

' from the story Du Bist Mein {Baekyeol} by Anna_Exo-L_Army with 216 reads. ~~~~~Am Dienstag~~~~~ Suho Pov

Kris: "A kiss to all the beautiful ladies out there" ♡ XD

minyiChen☇ on

Kris: "A kiss to all the beautiful ladies out there" ♡ XD:

Kris:) It still hasn't really hit me that he's left. When I show someone a video or picture of Exo and they ask how many members there are, I always say 12. And then I have to correct myself it hurts. But dont get me wrong, I'm happy for him:)Oh gosh, I should stop now. I apologize. Oh yeah, Lay photo bombing. That's golden.

ℓoey찬 on

I cant help but miss you I miss you so much T^T wherever you are right now, i hope that you'll stay strong my galaxy oppa :''')

Wu Yi Fan | 吴亦凡 | Kris | 크리스 | Ngô Diệc Phàm | Kris Wu | Li Jiaheng | 李嘉恒 | Lý Gia Hằng | D.O.B 6/11/1990 (Scorpio)

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