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30 day anime challenge Day 18 Favorite supporting female character Yuno Gasai from mirai Nikki or future diary

yuno is a young girl fighting for her life as she and yuki as they hide from and kill 11 more diary holders



Imagen de anime, art, and anime girl

Name: Han Sayake Height: Weight: 128 Occupation: college student;riding on a track scholarship Facts: sayake is the child of Han Jumin. Her mother is unknown. She has devoted her life to sports, and is very determined to become a track star.

Axe Crazed Annie | Creepypasta OC Age: 16  DOB: March 21st Name: Annie Darling

Mayu is definitely one of my favorite Vocaloids because she's a Yandere

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Undertale Chara/Frisk <<<<< probably what happened in the genocide route