@Christina Temnycky Lar's attempt at cheering your dupa up... Zac attack!!! (lol I'm pathetic.. Shhh no one needs to know that)

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Zac as Jared??

Zac Efron Photos Photos: Zac Efron and Imogen Poots on Set 4

Zac Efron Photos - Zac Efron and a smitten looking Imogen Poots film scenes for their new movie 'Are We Officially Dating?' in New York City. - Zac Efron and Imogen Poots on Set 4

Listen Zefron, even though the movie was not at all what the book was, this is your best look.  Make it come back.

After seeing The Lucky One, it is obvious that Zac Efron is a man.not the boy that was in High School Musical.

Zac Efron Jeez it's cringy that I think he's hot but with facial hair he's fucking beautiful.

Zac Efron in Zac Efron Leaving Radio One

i like the stache/beard he's got goin on (:

Zac Efron Photos Photos: The Death And Life Of Charlie St Cloud:UK Film Premiere - Outside Arrivals

✔coffee Ciao .. #Ciaocafeamman..#FeelAgain...#ComeJoinus

Zac Efron Keeps Warm While Filming in Freezing NYC: Zac Efron sat in a coffee shop on set. [I hear Landon Pigg.Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop in my head]


I enjoy this style on a guy because it fits just right and shows off the muscles with a hint of sportiness. If a guy (particularly Zac Efron) wore this around me, it would be a great day and I would find him extra attractive.

We get exclusive facetime with Zac Efron, the leading man for Hugo Boss’ Hugo Iced

That’d be Hugo Iced by Hugo Boss, fronted by a campaign starring actor and generational icon Zac Efron as its new spokesperson

He's amazing. | This Is The Worst Thing Amanda Bynes Has Ever Tweeted

This Is The Worst Thing Amanda Bynes Has Ever Tweeted

Zac Efron - Long Textured Hair + Beard

Zac Efron Hair

Zac Efron - Long Textured Hair + Beard