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Of the many southern pea, the Zipper Cream, a Floridian variety, is a taste of buttery freshness and cooked in this seasoned southern recipe, becomes a flavorful burst of good eating.

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Nothin' better than a bowl of summer's tastiest delicacy - LADY PEAS, cooked southern of course!

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Southern Zipper Cream Peas Ingredients: 1 lb - fresh shelled peas 5 to 6 - slices of bacon cut into small pieces (pancetta or bone-in ham may be substituted) 1 - small onion chopped fine 2 cloves.

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Easy method of preparing nutritious Zipper Peas: Fry two slices o.

Crowder peas -- can modify with peppers, adding more carrots, bayleaf, cumin, and vegetable stock.

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Southern Zipper Peas Recipe

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Cream Peas - Used this recipe but made the following modifications: Sprinkled flour on the onion and bacon mixture.  Used Chicken Stock instead of water.  Poured in half-n-half at the end.

Southern Cream Peas

Zipper peas Recipe -  I think Zipper peas is a good dish to try in your home.

Zipper peas Recipe - Let's cook Zipper peas by yourself!

Trying new and interesting vegetables is part of a healthy diet. Expanding your dietary palate to include a greater number of healthful foods makes it easier to keep meals interesting, and zipper peas are just one addition that can help you with that. Check out this list of the 7 best zipper pea recipes!

7 Amazing Zipper Peas Recipes

Zipper peas are a sweet and healthy variety of field peas that would be a great addition to any healthy diet! You can make great recipes like southern style zipper peas or honey-glazed baked field peas. Check out more great zipper pea recipes!

Southern zipper cream peas recipe

Zipper cream peas are from the southern pea family, just like black or pink eyed peas. These peas are so creamy and delicious and I think they are called

Zipper Peas (crock pot), Side Dishes, Vegetables

Zipper Peas (crock pot), Side Dishes, Vegetables

Recipe: Southern Peas. This recipe started with zipper peas picked straight from a nearby farm.

This recipe started with zipper peas picked straight from a nearby farm.