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the-haven-of-fiction: “the-library-mouse: “the-haven-of-fiction: “thephantompencil: “Alt version ” *screams* ” Does that make Loki Bellweather? ” Or… ” 😂 I like your idea better. I loved Toot-toot.

new_life_by_deygira_blood gira polinka zootopia fanart

Truly one of the most lovely, beautiful and wonderful cartoon that I saw in my life))) Perhaps Nick and Judy is the cutest couple in the bestial D. New life

Meanwhile (flash) by Spintherella.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt (just touch him…

cloperella: “Meanwhile- by Spintherella (animated flash version at source) Excuse me while I drool all over this beautiful hunky fox dreamboat ” Aww love this

Stolen shot #2 by Frava8

Because Saint Valentine's day is coming 🐰❤️🐺 Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps (c) Disney Zootopia Something there