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the 30 days of wonder challenges poster is shown with colorful squares and words on it
30 day Wonder Challenges!
Hey Wonderhubbers! Pick one challenge everyday and see how many you can complete. Challenge your friends and family to participate too and get ready to have lots of fun.
a poster with the words cozy fall scavenger hunt written in different colors and shapes
Cozy Fall Scavenger Hunt
Bundle up for this outdoor scavenger hunt adventure!
a poster with the words all things round and scavenger hunt
All Things Round Scavenger Hunt
Have fun looking for all kinds of round things with this scavenger hunt that's sure to keep you busy!
the instructions for fruit and veggie stamping are shown in this brochure
Fruit and Veggie Stamping
Fruits and veggies are all shaped differently. Today, we’re going to use those shapes, and even make some of our own, to create art by stamping our food in paint!
the instructions for watermelon fan craft are shown in this brochure,
Watermelon Fan Craft
Time to cool off, first by making your very own watermelon fan, and then enjoying some real watermelon!
the word scramble worksheet for kids
WonderWorld - Wonderhub
Our Farmer's Market Shopping List got scrambled. Can you help us out by unscrambling the words below.
a maze with a bee on it and the words honeybee maze
Honeybee Maze
The little honeybee has gotten lost looking for the flower patch. Can you help her find her way again?
the mystery construction challenge flyer is shown in purple and blue with pink lettering on it
Mystery Construction Challenge
Use your imagination and a set of mystery challenge cards to put your engineering side to the test! Build useful items to help in a variety of mystery situations.
the earth's crossword puzzle is shown
Planet Crossword Puzzle
Learn more about the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy with this fun crossword puzzle. For more activities and videos visit
an event poster for the earth sky and beyond program, with information about its locations
This week Nutrien Wonderhub
This week, for Wonderhub’s Virtual Programming, we are taking a closer look at our earth, our skies and all what lies beyond the sky. Come check out or new virtual content page at
a cartoon scene with two children on the beach
WonderWorld - Wonderhub
Have fun colouring these this beach scene with our mascot, the Wondernaut enjoying the sun, water and beach.
an image of a building with cats on it's roof and trees in the background
Canada Day Activity Sheet
Can you help out our Wondernauts? They want to celebrate Canada day by watching a fireworks display over the museum. Grab some bright colouring supplies and create your own fireworks on this activity sheet!
an orange and white flyer for the virtual programming schedule, with balloons in front of it
Description of the Week:
This week, for Wonderhub’s Virtual Programming, we are having a PARTY WEEK! Join us for Wonderhub’s Birthday Party tomorrow and then also for a week filled with different party themes! For this and more content visit our new Virtual site at
Handprint Rainbow Handprint Rainbow, Painting A Rainbow, Rainbow Painting, Hand Print, A Rainbow, Get Ready, Rainbow, The Creator
Handprint Rainbow
Handprint Rainbow
some crafting supplies are sitting on a table
True Colours String Art
True Colours String Art