Casual Dining

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a red and white gazebo sitting in the middle of a park with lots of flowers
Jockey Club at the Grand Stand on Mackinac Island ·
Jockey Club at the Grandstand
a restaurant filled with lots of tables and people sitting at the tables in front of them
Yankee Rebel Tavern on Mackinac Island ·
Yankee Rebel Tavern
a man and woman riding in a horse drawn carriage down the street next to buildings
Jessie's Chuck Wagon on Mackinac Island ·
Jessies Chuck Wagon
a house with a lighthouse in the background on a green golf course at sunset or dawn
Bistro on the Greens at Mission Point on Mackinac Island ·
Bistro on the Green
a horse pulling a carriage with people on it in front of a yellow and white building
Mustang Lounge on Mackinac Island ·
Mustang Lounge
the dining room is decorated for christmas with deer heads on the wall and tables covered in white tablecloths
Woods Restaurant on Mackinac Island ·
Woods Restaurant
people sitting at tables with yellow umbrellas over them
Lakeside Marketplace
Lakeside Marketplace
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs covered in purple linens, palm trees are hanging from the ceiling
Pink Pony Store on Mackinac Island ·
Pink Pony
an indoor dining area with tables, chairs and flags hanging from the ceiling
Round Island Kitchen at Mission Point on Mackinac Island ·
Round Island Bar & Grill